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Residential & Commercial Painting in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

Wade Painting in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, performs residential and commercial painting for you that beautifies your home and business, while increasing the value at a price you can afford.
Owner on Site
When you deal with Wade Painting, you benefit from a small company that always has the owner on site at every job. Because his name and reputation are on the line, he makes sure everything is done to a high standard, whether it's interior or exterior painting or power washing.
Receive 10% off Painting For 1 Room, Residential & Commercial Painting in Birdsboro, PA
Contact us for an estimate and you will find that our company comes in with the lowest estimates, so you receive the most professional services at the least expensive prices.

Our crew is committed to cleanliness. Everything that is not to be painted is covered for protection, both inside and outside of your house or business. You never have to worry about cleaning up behind us.

Smaller Is Better for You
Our owner has 25 years of painting experience. Even when he was young, our owner went with his father on paint jobs and liked it so much that he made it a career, starting his own company 12 years ago.
Throughout the years, our owner has worked for many big painting companies, and finds that smaller is better for personal service and efficiency.
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